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Bruin Race Team

Bruin’s Race Team doing a fine job at keeping Bruin’s Hot Rod in tip top shape!

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Here are a couple of “before” pictures of the Bruin Race Car as it just came in and a concept photo (red) of what it will look like once it gets a new wrap. She sports a 700 hp. 468 cu inch BBC and Power glide transmission. We have been working on painting, detailing and making sure it is ready for some trial runs as soon as the season opens. As you can see the “Bruin” will undergo a complete wrap and be transformed from a blue streak to a red raging beast. The car will compete in Super Pro bracket racing and will be seen at the legendary Great Lake Dragaway in Union Grove Wisconsin as well as other tracks to be announced. If you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter we will keep you up to date on events and test runs. You may also be selected to receive for free Bruin Gear and win prizes such as gift certificates to!

Engine Picture